“Grief shatters…and then you put yourself back together, piece by piece, you wake up one day and realize that you have been completely reassembled. You are whole again, but you are suddenly a new shape, a new size.”

    Glennon Doyle


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    Grief & Loss

    Helping you traverse through the loss of a loved one or dealing with the pain of grief and mourning.


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    Betrayed Partners

    Helping partners heal and navigate from the trauma of sextual betrayal.


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    Life Transitions

    For individuals

    Helping you navigate major life changes, challenges, and transitions.


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    Sheryl Bartemus


    I'm here to walk alongside you and assist you in navigating through the feelings and emotions that accompany us in our grief. I have walked on the path of my own grief jouney, and can appreciate the fact that the journey toward healing is neither instant nor direct. Though we never "get over" our grief, we can move forward and find gratitude in our new normal. Together, as we walk the winding trail, insight and meaning shall evolve. My goal is to help you find peace and joy once again, and in time grieve with more love than pain.



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    A Certified Grief Educator is committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief.



    COE. Cettified Grief/Bereavement Coach with Distinction
    AACC Certified Mental Health Coach
    P&P Certified Inner Child Practitioner
    Light University: Certified Life Coach
    AMAP Certified Life Coach Advanced 
    Ordained Minister




    "After my baby died I found Sheryl to help me grieve gracefully. Sheryl is a kind and authentic soul that speaks life into each person she touches. The hugs, prayer, and encouragement have meant so much during the darkest times of my life. Each session I left feeling more whole and more grounded in my identity as a Child of God. Her sweet spirit has helped me to find a greater purpose with my life and I couldn't be more grateful."


    "God puts the right people in your path at the right time, and Sheryl is one of those “right” people! I’ve experienced much loss and trauma in my life, and Sheryl has helped me identify areas of pain I didn’t even realize were there. She’s helped me to pinpoint and release lies I’ve believed for far too long, replacing them with God’s truth and finding healing. She’s an amazing Coach, biblical guide, hopeful supporter, and incredible example of Christ’s love in my life."


    "Sheryl’s guidance has helped me discover the joy and contentment that God provides in and through my grief. Her insightful knowledge of God’s word directs me and leads me in my knowledge of the truth, as I reach toward healing and my goals as I face my “new normal.” I am so thankful to heal, learn and grow spiritually in her joyful company."


    "I can’t say enough about Sheryl. A friend referred me to her when I was going through a really tough time, pulling away from friends and church, just wallowing in my self-pity and pain, and desiring to figure it out alone. I was so comfortable with her from the get-go, and after meeting with her 6 times, I was back to life as I knew it before my event. She’s the best, and I know who to go to any time I need to get my life back on track."


    "Sheryl is a wonderful Grief Coach. I was referred to her when our family was going through a tough time, due to my granddaughters leukemia diagnosis. Sheryl helped me to navigate through the pain and sadness. How to take one day at a time. She is very easy to talk to, very caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend Sheryl. She’s the best."


    "Last December I was stuck. My husband had died almost three years before, Covid had isolated all of us, and I weighed more than I've ever weighed in my life.. That's when Sheryl entered the picture. She was referred to me by my Chiropractor, who felt I would benefit by seeing a Grief Coach. So I contacted her, and thus began one of my most meaningful relationships in my life. Sheryl quickly helped me to understand and cope with the grief associated with losing my husband, and at the same time began to address my weight issues and my willingness to sit and do nothing. Together we came up with an eating and exercise plan. Then we delved into God's Word and the question of who I am in His sight. What a meaningful adventure that has been. Fast forward to the present. As a result of our work together, I am in a very healthy place with my grief, my weight and my relationship with my Lord. Sheryl helped me to get here. How blessed I am to know her."


    I’m a Certified Grief Educator and Grief Coach and have worked with betrayed partners for over 13 years, assisting them in learning about the nature of sex addiction, how to set healthy relationship boundaries, and process through their own hurt, shame, trauma, anger, and grief. I have served as a Betrayal and Beyond Group Facilitator, supporting spouses as they work through a trauma sensitive approach to healing from the effects of sexual betrayal.

    If you are desiring to receive support from Sheryl one on one, please complete the Coaching Agreement only and email it to sheryl@griefreliefcharlotte.com.


    If you are desiring support from Sheryl prior to a scheduled Intensive, please complete the Partner Coaching Consultation Online Form.

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    Coaching Agreement
    Authorization Form


    "Sheryl is gifted with the ability to gently come alongside you in deep times of mourning. She knows how to sit with you in a moment without allowing stagnation. She equips you with tools to bring back light in dark places without blinding yourself because your eyes didn’t get the opportunity to adjust. She has a brilliant ability to connect with you at a deep level, and bring awareness into a moment with grace, truth and love. Recognizing that in trauma there is grieving, she was amazing in her guidance through me processing betrayal trauma from my husband’s infidelity, and the many losses associated with that experience - there can be peace in places of turmoil. This is a great place to find hope and maintain your peace." CB